District Presentation Archive

Explore all of the presentations that were delivered at IAOM events in a given year by selecting one of the years below. IAOM has made every effort to bring all of the presentations that were made at district and regional meetings. In some instances, presentations are missing because they weren’t submitted or the speaker requested that they not be shared online.

Southeast Asia Region Conference & Expo
October 1-3, 2023, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Pre-Conference Workshop: Milling Technology: Interpreting Functional Properties in Enhancing End Product Quality (in Vietnamese)
Ashok Sarkar, Cereals Canada

International Update (in Vietnamese)
Fran Churchill, IAOM Vice President

U.S. Wheat in Southeast Asia (in Vietnamese)
Joe Sowers, US Wheat

Food Fortification Initiative
Elmar Nau, Interflour

Milling Wheat Price Discovery
Anna Sneidermane, Argus Agritel Outlook & AgriMarkets

How can the Global Trade of Agricultural Commodities be more Efficient? (in Vietnamese)
Soenke Weich, Vosbor Exchange B.V.

Grain Quality Preservation through Best Practice Grain Management
Peter Scott, AGI

Grain Quality Preservation through Grain Chilling
Grain Technik

New Gluten Strengthening Solution (in Vietnamese)
Jaizel Castillo, AB Enzymes

Roller Speed Ratio and Starch Damage (in Vietnamese)
Mehrtash Ahsan Ghaziani, Omas

Online Learning for Flour Mills (in Vietnamese)
Mathew Rees, AEGIC

Maintenance Applications for a Modern Mill (in Vietnamese)
Moreno de Marchi, Golfetto Sangati Ind.

Reconditioning Reduction Rolls (in Vietnamese)
Lee Deon, Yenar A.S.

Polymer-Base Roller Mills (in Vietnamese)
Hasan Tosun, IMAS Makina

Improving the Performance of your Existing Roller Mills
Gerald Richardson, CETEC

Flour Milling Trends
Christian Carrillo, Bühler Asia Private Limited

Staff Retention (in Vietnamese)
Andrew Bourne, Bourne Recruitment

Corporate Strategy for Recruiting and Retaining Talent (in Vietnamese)
Stuart Smith, Allied Pinnacle

Operational Excellence in Grain Conditioning
Thomas Baumann, swisca SEA

Bühler Vietnam Comprehensive Customer Services
Pham Duc Trung, Bühler Asia Private Limited

Consistent Quality in Flour based Applications (in Vietnamese)
Rendy Agus Widyatmoko, Bakels Group Southeast Asia

Heat Treatment for Pest Control in Flour Mills (in Vietnamese)
Andreas Hummel, Termico

New Developments of Milling Technology in China
Professor Li, GGI

Importance of Correct Sieve Tensioning in the Milling Process
Dilip Reddy, SEFAR India Pvt. Ltd.

Increasing the Yield and Improving the Quality of Flour (in Vietnamese)
Halit Shasheet, Tanis Milling Technologies

Southeastern, Niagara, Ohio Valley and Wolverine Districts’ Joint Meeting
September 28-29, 2023, Tampa, Florida

IAOM Update
Jennifer Harnish, PHM Brands, IAOM Treasurer

Metal Detection for the Milling Industry
Carlos Camorro, Bunting-Newton

IMAS North American Update
Diwaker Mokadam, IMAS North America

American Fabric Filter Update
Timothy Robinson, American Fabric Filter

Modern Food Safety Pest Management System
Jeff Waggoner, FSS Inc

Bratney Update
Dillon Phillips, Bratney Companies 

EBM Manufacturing Update
Scott Sanne, EBM Manufacturing  

Kice Industries Update
Kurt Meyers, Kice Industries

Rail Safe Training Update
Andrew Johnstone, Rail Safe Training

Industrial Magnetics Update
Chris Stephens, Industrial Magnetics

Grip Fix Update
Clayton Beaver, Grip Fix

REPCO Update
Scott Jenson, REPCO

Great Western Update
Jeff Seeger, Great Western Manufacturing

Laidig Systems Update
Sean DeBroka, Laidig Systems

Blower Engineering Update
Tom Byrnes Jr., Blower Engineering

Flour Milling Applications of the Alveograph
Hikmet Boyacioglu, KPM Analytics

Brabender Update
Sal Laquez, Brabender

Western District Meeting
September 13-15, 2023, Big Sky Montana

IAOM Update
Fran Churchill, IAOM Vice President, Kansas State University

Harvest Outlook & Market 
Kent Kupfner, Montana Wheat & Barley Commission

What’s Happening at Great Western
Jeff Seeger, Great Western

Dr. Hikmet Boyacioglu, Chopin Technology/KPM Analytics

Metal Detection
Matt Wayne, Bunting Magnetics

Whole Wheat Milling
Stephan Schurmans, Sangati

Food Safety Culture
Rueben McLean, Grain Craft

BoMill Insight
Dillon Phillips, Bratney

Fumigation Update
Alex Luce, Ecolab

Inactivation of Foodborne Pathogens 
Scott Jensen, REPCO

Quality & Process Improvements 
Vitaly Kirkpatrick, Foss

Stone Mills 
Mads Anderson, Engsko

Flour City District Summer Meeting
August 2-4, 2023, Prior Lake, Minnesota

Opening Remarks and Welcome
Seth Beyer, Flour City Chairperson

Safety Demonstration – Fall Protection
Tyler Vujovich, 3M

The Importance of Electrical Testing & Preventative Maintenance
Karl Von Knobelsdorff, Knobelsdorff Enterprises

Human and Organizational Performance & our best practices around Safety Leadership, Hierarchy of Controls
Lacey Young, General Mills

Employee Safety Engagement, One Company’s Approach
Levi Burton, Grain Millers, Inc

A Novel Universal Dough Analyzer
Hikmet Boyacioglu, KPM Analytics

BoMill Insight – High Capacity NIR
Dillon Phillips, Bratney

Chlorine Dioxide Decontamination in Milling
Alex Luce, Ecolab

Sustaining an Experienced Workforce
Alex Young, General Mills

Mental Health
Susan VanKrevelen, Ardent

From Chaos to Clarity: The Impact of Flowsheet Mgmt
Reed Cody, Bay State Milling

Enhanced FPZ Protection
Tom Byrnes, Jr., Blower Engineering

Metal Detection in the Flour Industry
Craig Miller, Bunting-Newton

IAOM International and IMEF Updates
Steve Matson, IAOM President

Central, Texoma and Wheat State Districts’ Joint Meeting
July 27-28, 2023, Branson, Missouri

Opening of Technical Conference
Ian Tillinghast, Grain Craft

Welcome and Update on International IAOM Activities
Fran Churchill, Kansas State University

Wheat Crop Update
Justin Gilpin, Kansas Wheat

How to Determine your Sifter Capacity
Kathy Wiley, Great Western Manufacturing

Food Safety Topics
Rob Wong, Agri-Neo

Recruiting the Next Generation
Halsey Elliott, General Mills

Panel Discussion – Managing Different Mill Team Personalities
Fran Churchill, Moderator, Kansas State University

Milling Outside North America
Roy Loepp, Seaboard Corporation

A Baker’s Perspective on Milling
Dave Kirshock, Grain Craft

Contribution of Blending on Dough Rheology
Hikmet Boyacioglu, KPM Analytics

KSU Update
Fran Churchill, Kansas State University

Metal Detection in Milling
Craig Miller, Bunting Magnetics

Western Canadian District Meeting
June 14-16, 2023, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Welcome & Opening Remarks from IAOM International
Jennifer Harnish, Secretary/Treasurer

Keynote Address
Olivier Lavigne-Lacroix: Work of the Canadian National Millers Association (CNMA)

The digital transformation of the Milling Industry
Alexis Noel, Buhler Group

Damaged Starch in Flour Milling
Dr. Hikmet Boyacioglu, KPM Analytics

Converting oat hulls into energy requirements
Claude Van Hoornweder, VYNCKE

The Ferkar Universal Mill
Darryl Tateishi, DT Grain Processing Systems Inc.

Green House Gas Data Capturing with Simple Tools
David Lapp, Sixteen Grains Inc.

Project Management
Jason Coreau, FWS Group of Companies

Lock Tag Try Best Practices
Brad McIntosh, MasterLock

Fire Protection in the Mill
Chance Barkley and Jeff Young, BEHST Machinery Corp

Latin American Region Conference & Expo
March 7-9, 2023 Barranquilla, Colombia

Palabras de Apertura | Opening Remarks
Juan Carlos Garces, IAOM Latin America; Ron Galle, IAOM President; Pilar Ortiz, Fedemol

Perspectives of Flour Mills in Colombia
Juan Manuel Martinez, Fedemol

The Importance of the Conditioning Process on Flour Quality
Andres Saturno, U.S. Wheat

Fortificación de Harina y Tubo Neural Defectos y Espina Bífida | Flour Fortification and Neural Tube Defects and Spina Bifida
Sonia Uribe, Fundación Mónica Uribe por Amor

Reemplazo del proceso de Clorinacion | Chlorination Replacement
Luis Giraldo and Luis Palma, Engrain

Nuevas consideraciones sobre el control de calidad del trigo y del almidón | New Insights into Quality Control of Wheat and Starch
Maximilian Sawatzki, Brabender GmbH & CO. KG

Efectos de las enzimas y aditivos en la calidad de la pasta | Effects of Enzymes on Pasta Quality
Yarumy Marquez, Muehlenchemie

Soluciones Pesaje y Dosificación | Weighing and Dosing Solutions
Rafael Mendez and Martin Amable, Bühler

Nuevas persepectivas en la valorización de semillas ancestrales andinas | New Insights in Valorization of Andean Ancestral Seeds
Pedro Maldonado, Escuela Politécnica Nacional

Sistemas de Molienda de Nueva Generación de Alapala | I4 Next Generation Milling Systems
Alper Iyibicir, Alapala

Consumo de Energía: Los Detalles Marcan la Diferencia | Power Consumption: Details Make the Difference
Marco Galli, Ocrim

Understanding Different Materials in the Sifting Process,
Johnny Price and Mattia Rossini, Saati

Analizando harina de trigo integral por primera vez con el nuevo protocolo de AlveoLab | Analyzing Whole Wheat Flour for First Time with a New Protocol of AlveoLab
Laurent Clair, KPM Analytics

Soluciones integradas en tecnología de molienda/procesamiento de granos |Integrated Solutions in Grain Milling / Processing Technology
Mehmet Alapala, ALAPROS MAKINA GIDA SAN. ve  TIC. A.S.

Cómo reducir costos en el proceso de final de línea | How to Reduce Costs in the End of the Line Process
Victor Lopez, Premier Tech Systems and Automation

Flour Mill Maintenance
Garip Cantemir, Uğur Promilling

Food Safety Insights
Ron Galle, IAOM President / Miller Milling

El reto de los molineros para detectar alambres contaminantes
José Reyes, Maper / Mettler Toledo

Que hay de nuevo at Great Western | What’s New at Great Western
Jeff Seeger, Great Western Manufacturing

Harinas Fuertes, Pan Robusto | Strong Flour, Robust Bread
Dr. Eduardo Pimentel, IFF

The Importance of Viscosity in Pastry Shakes
Andres Builes, Eurogerm

Valve Bag Advantages
Andres Verde, Behn + Bates

Reflection on Milling Best Practices
Enzo Galluzo, ESLAMO

Flour City District Summer Conference 
Brainerd, Minnesota, August 4, 2022

Safety Keynote – Situational Awareness
Steve Fry, NPR

Staying NFPA Compliant with a Dust Hazard Analysis
Jason Grahek, Knobelsdorff Enterprises

What’s New with Great Western
Abraham Cilliers, Jr., Great Western Mfg.

BDI’s Industry Focus  

Blower Overview
Tom Byrnes, Jr., Blower Engineering

Application of the Alveograph
Dr. M. Hikmet Boyacioglu, KPM Analytics

Industry’s First “Smart Magnet” 
Frank Reda, Magnetic Products, Inc. (MPI)

TVM- a Paradigm Shift in Milling Technology to Increase Mill Performance
Bill Ritchie, Buhler Inc.

Seasonal Changes in the Mill
Simon Tiedge, Miller Milling

International IAOM Update
IAOM President Ron Galle, Miller Milling

Intro to IMEF 
IMEF President Steve Matson, Bay State Milling

Wheat State, Central & Texoma Spring Conference
Manhattan, Kansas, March 3-4, 2022

Update on International Activities
Ron Galle, IAOM Vice President

Food Safety Issues in Milling & Food Safety Culture
Judi Lazaro, Senior Director – Global Sales, AIB International

Wheat Crop Update
Justin Gilpin, CEO, Kansas Wheat Commission

Update on World Trade Events & Current Transportation Developments
Dalton Henry, VP of Trade Policy, US Wheat Associates

What’s New – Intell-I-Mag (The Intelligent Magnet)
Bob Castaneda, RSM, Magnetic Products, Inc. (MPI)

Fall Protection Awareness & Demonstration
Joe Brandel, Business Development Manager, PMG

Current Labor Market Challenges
Gina Brummels, Sr. Director – Talent, Learning & Change

Falling Number Optimization
Dan Ayd, Sales Account Manager, Buhler, Inc.

Western District
July 22 | Spokane, Washington

IAOM International Update
Randy Gavert, IAOM Vice President

Insights of a Baker
Dave Krishock, Grain Craft

Heat Treatment of Stored-Product Insects
Raj Hulasare, Sun Belt Rentals

Fumigation Free Facility
Robert Juarez, Miller Milling

Think Outside the Sifter Box
Jeff Seeger, Great Western

Airlock Use & Maintenance
Dave Link, Kice Industries

Reducing Pathogens in Flour
Rob Wong, Agri-Nero

Replacement for Ash & Mill Stream
Art Bettge, Washington Grain Commission

Integrated Grinding System
Cory Lare, Buhler

Sam Byrnes, Blower Engineering

Bird Control
Leonard Mongiello, IFC

Don’t Hesitate, Fumigate
Alex Luce, Ecolab

Omas Wheat Scrubbing
Dillon Phillips, Bratney

Bulk Loadout: Fluidizing
Michael Richardson, CETEC Cereal Technologies

43rd Annual IAOM Latin America Region Conference & Expo
February 4-6 | Panama City, Panama

Taller pre-conferencia: | Pre-Conference Workshop, Como Lograr Consistentemente Una Alta Efienca en la Proceso de Molienda | Ways to Achieve Consistently High efficiency in the Milling Process
Enzo Galluzzo, ESLAMO
Cambio y variación de trigo: Desafios y oportunidades | Change and Variation of Wheat: Challenges and Opportunities
Detlev Rösler, Mühlenchemie
WiXo: estimacion de los valores Alveo en 8 mn | WiXo: Estimation of Alveo Values in 8mn
Laurent Clair, Chopin Technologies
Nuevas Alturas en Saneamiento | New Heights in Sanitation
Jeff Seeger, Great Western Manufacturing
Sistema De Carge A Granel | Bulk Load-out Systems
Michael Richardson, CETEC Cereal Technologies Inc
Monitoreo del sistema Quattro y acceso remote | Monitoring and Remote Maintenance
Stefan Gross, Haver & Boecker USA
Diseño de equipos higiénicos y soluciones para aplicaciones de molienda | Hygienic Equiipment Design & Solutions for Milling
Alper İyibiçer, Alapala
Molino de piedras BIO Stone Mill | BIO Stone Mill
Andrea Schintu, OCRIM S.p.A.
Palitizando en 2020 | Palletizing in 2020
Rogelio Flores, BW Flexible Systems
Discusion de Panel | Panel Discussion – El molino y el molinero del futuro | The Mill and the Miller of the Future
Enzo Galluzzo, ESLAMO; Detlev Roesler, Muehlenchemie GmbH & Company KG; Gerald Richardson, CETEC Cereal Technologies; Gerardo Morantes, Bühler, Inc.; Andrea Schintu, OCRIM S.p.A.
Cadena de suministro de trigo de Canadá| Canada Wheat Supply Chain
Paolo Santangelo, SGS Canada Inc.

Consideraciones para el uso de la nueva Vortex  Diversora  Pivoting  Chute | Considerations for the Use of the New Vortex Diversora Pivoting Chute
Mariano Garcia R., Vortex Valves Latinoamerica
Las nuevas regulaciones de Seguridad Alimentaria en los Estados Unidos | Impact of New Food Safety Regulations (FSMA) in the US and Risk of Microbial Contamination
Gerardo Morantes, Bühler, Inc.
Ahorro en el Mantenimiento de Molinos de Harina | Saving on Flour Mill Maintenance
Garip Cantemir, AGM Tech LTD
Aire Caliente – Alternativa Verde para una Fumigación Estructural | Hot Air – Green Alternative for Structural Fumigation
Cesar Altamirano, Ecogran SRL de CV
Ventajas en la Utilizacion de Bolsas Valvuladas y Sistemas de Sellado | Advantages of Valve Bags and Valve Sealing Systems: Label and Sonseal
Gonzalo Girelli, Technipes SRL
Importancia del análisis reológico en la masa de harina de trigo | Importance of Rheological Analysis in Wheat Flour Dough
Eylul Irem Bayrak, Bastak Instruments
Potencial de NITS/NIRS para el control de calidad en molinería | Potential of NITS / NIRS for Quality Control in Milling
Susana Arguedas Sánchez, Scanco

IAOM Webinars on demand

A series of webinars, originally scheduled as presentations at the 124th Annual IAOM Conference & Expo, will be held throughout the spring of 2020. Please click on the link below to watch the recorded webinar, or to register for an upcoming one.

May 6 | Women In Milling by Dr. Zelia Wiley, Kansas State University

May 13 | Milling Technician Certificate Program Information Webinar

Product Showcase

May 14 | Innovative Scale Portfolio | Swisca

May 21 | AlPesa Milling System MDGM | Bühler

May 28 | SightTrap | Insects Limited

June 4   | Summit Sieve | Great Western Manufacturing

June 11 | Dante Wheat Scrubbing Technology  | Bratney Companies

IAOM 10th Annual Southeast Asia Region Conference & Expo
October 6-8 | Jakarta, Indonesia

Pre-Conference Workshop: Milling Analysis Tools
Dr. Jeff Gwirtz, JAG Services, Inc.

Keynote Address: Indonesian Wheat Flour Milling Industry Overview
Franciscus Welirang, PT IndoFood Sukses Makmur Tbk.

Wheat Industry Trends in Southeast Asia
Joe Sowers, US Wheat

Essential Tools to Manage Grain and Flour Quality and Food Safety
Anne Bridges, Cereals & Grains Association

Heat Treatment for Mills & Storage Structures
Raj Hulasare, Sunbelt Rentals

Producing Better Quality Rice Flour at a Lower Cost
Michelle Frisch/Katsuhiko Sasako, NARA Machinery LTD.

Milling Performance and Grain Procurement Practices
Dr. Jeff Gwirtz, JAG Services, Inc.

Titanium Rolls
Oscar Hidalgo, OCRIM S.p.A.

rollCare Profile Measurement Device
Sefa Yegin, Yenar

Great Western New Product Review
Jeff Seeger, Great Western Manufacturing

CETEC FCX Fluidizing Cones
Michael Richardson, CETEC Cereal Technologies, Inc.

Global Wheat Index – Control Wheat and Flour Quality to Improve Profitability

Fabien Varagnac, Muhlenchemie GmbH & Co KG

Intelligent Milling Systems
Caner Yurtsever, Henry Simon Milling

New 650 TPD Mill Solution
Moreno de Marchi, Mill Service

Mechanical Ship Unloading & Loading Systems
Peter Scott, Bühler Asia Ltd

New Generation of Flour Packer
Van Didier Nguyen, Premier Tech Chronos Ltd

Critical Grading Factors & Their Impact on Wheat, Flour & End Product Quality
Ashok Sarkar, Canadian Intl. Grains Institute (CIGI)

Saving on Mill Maintenance
Garip Cantemir, AGM Tech Ltd

The Future of Food Safety and Energy Management in the Milling Industry
Andreas Hummel, Wingmen Group

Consistent Flour Quality with Optimal Process Conditions and Tailor-made Flour Ingredient Solutions
Walter Von Redding, Bühler AG

Importance of Rheological Analysis in Wheat Flour Dough
Zeki Demirtasoglu, Bastak Instruments

Correct Stretching Solution for Better Yield During Sifting
Cedric Mueller, Sefar Singapore Pte Ltd.

Canada’s Wheat Supply Chain and Quality Attributes
Paolo Santangelo, SGS Canada Inc

Inline Measurement Techniques to Improve the Milling Business
Martin Andersson, FOSS South East Asia

Ohio Valley, Niagara, Southeastern and Wolverine Districts’ Joint Conference
September 26, 2019

Specializing in Reliability Centered Maintenance
Ed LaPreze, Pepper Maintenance

Improving Uptime with Insight
Bill Ritchie, Buhler Inc.

Pneumatic Conveying above 15 psig
Tom Byrnes, Jr., Blower Engineering

Wheat Kernel Heat Treatment
Celia Schlosser, Revtech Process Systems

Pest Prevention and Monitoring
Phil Miller, IFC

Easy In-house Maintenance Practices
Kathy Wiley, Great Western Manufacturing

Site Security / Food Defense Discussion
Patrick Nellenbach, Star of the West

NFPA 61 Overview
Brendan Coughlan, Mennel Milling

Flour City District Summer Conference
August 8, 2019

Welcome and Update on International IAOM Activities
IAOM Vice President Randy Garvert, Ardent Mills

Fire Explosion/Prevention – Mill Design and Potential Hazards
Karl von Knobelsdorff, Knobelsdorff Electric

Sifter Maintenance
Brooke Dessert, Great Western Mfg.

Pneumatic Conveying Above 15 PSIG
Tom Byrnes, Jr., Blower Engineering

Safety Devices & Hazard Monitoring
Jason Grahek, AGI CMC           

BAG FIX – Palletizing Safety Systems
Clayton Beaver, Grip Fix America

Innovative Blower Technology – Energy and Noise Benefits for the Milling Industry
Paul Mosher, Gardner Denver

Wheat Kernel Heat Treatment
Celia Schlosser, Revtech Process Systems

Central, Texoma and Wheat State Summer Conference
July 26, 2019

Welcome and Update on International IAOM Activities
IAOM Treasurer Ron Galle, ADM Milling

Wheat Crop Update
Mark Hodges, Plains Grains, Inc.

Laboratory Milling Challenges in Wheat Crop Evaluation
Dr. Jeff Gwirtz, JAG Services

Millguard Roll Stand Monitoring
Bob Castaneda, CMC

BoMill Grain Quality Separator
Bruce Bratney, Bratney Companies           

Baghouse Filters
Ben Kice, Kice Industries

Wheat Kernels Heat Treatment
Celia Schlosser, Revtech Process Systems

Pneumatic Conveying above 15 PSIG
Tom Byrnes, Jr., Blower Engineering

HazardPRO from Electro-Sensors – Wireless Hazardous Monitoring With or Without a PLC
Eric Roth, Electro-Sensors        

Flour Additives for Challenging Wheat
Kendall McFall, Engrain

Great Western New Product Review
Matt Fanshier, Great Western Mfg. Co.     

42nd Annual Latin America Region Conference & Expo
February 5-7, 2019

Good Milling Practices to Increase Yield and Reduce Energy Consumption | Buenas Prácticas de Molineria para Incrementar la Extracción y Reducir el Consumo de Energía
Enzo Galluzo, ESLAMO

US Wheat Update | Actualización de trigo de los Estados Unidos
Andres Saturno, US Wheat

Rheological Solutions Related to Whole-Meal Flours | Soluciones reológicas relacionadas con las harinas integrales
Laurent Clair, Chopin Technologies

Hot Air-Green Alternative for Structural Fumigation | Alternativa de aire caliente verde para la fumigación estructural
Raj Hulasare, Temp Air Inc

Flour Yield Increase by Abrasive Processing | Aumento del rendimiento de la harina mediante procesamiento abrasivo
Andres Aldana Rico, SuperBrix SA

What’s New at Engrain | Novedades en Engrain
Johnny Price, Engrain

A New Alliance | Una Nueva Alianza
Jeff Seeger, Great Western Manufacturing Company

Titanium Rolls for a Cutting Edge Milling Plant | Cilindros de molienda revestidos en titanio para un molino a la vanguardia
Andrea Schintu, Ocrim S.p.A.

SAATImil HT – Better abrasive Resistance Screens | SAATImil HT – Telas con mejor Resistencia abrasive
Johnny Price, SAATI

Automation in the Bagging Process | Automatización en el proceso de embolsado
Kevin Rodriguez, Haver & Boecker USA

Absograph 500 and Resistograph 500 | Absógrafo 500 y Resistógrafo 500
Javier Jurado, Bastak Instruments

The Mill and the Miller of the Future | El molino y el molinero del futuro
Moderator: Enzo Galluzzo, ESLAMO
Panelists: Jeff Hole, Miller Milling; Raj Hulasare, Temp Air; Johnny Price, Engrain; Gerald Richardson, CETEC

Practical Wheat Bran Storage | Práctico almacenamiento de salvado de trigo
John Koorn, Laidig Systems Inc

Integration Driving Productivity | Integracion Que Impulsa Productividad
Julio Rubio, Columbia/Okura LLC

New US Flour Mill Construction | Nueva construcción de molino de harina de Estados Unidos
Jeff Hole, Miller Milling

Challenges on Port Operations Unloading Bulk Wheat | Operaciones Portuarias en el descargue de trigo a granel
Luis Javier Soto Palacio, Molinos Santa Marta

Flour Booster Ingredient Solutions for Bakery Market | Soluciones Booster de ingredientes para harina en mercado panadero
Eduardo Pimentel, DuPont

Implementation of a HACCP System in a Milling Company | Experiencias en la implementación de un sistema HACCP en una empresa molinera
Oscar Calle Martínez, Molinos Santa Marta Mill

The Baker Who Challenges the Miller | El panadero que reta al molinero
Juan Manuel Martínez, Organización MAS

The Global Wheat Index | El Global Wheat Index
Fabien Varagnac, Muhlenchemie GmbH & Co.


Inaugural South Asia Region Conference & Expo
December 3-4 and December 6-7, 2018

Wheat Quality Attributes and their Implications
Ashok Sarkar, Cigi

New Developments in Cleaning and Tempering. High-efficiency, Low-energy Systems
Sunil Maheshwari, Siemer Milling Company

Protecting your Goods from Insect Infestation
Mike Roberson, Provision Value Gard

Wheat Storage and Impact on Quality
Ashok Sarkar, Cigi

Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Mistakes and Solutions
Dr. Subramanyam Bhadriraju, K-State University

Grain Chilling
Rahul Khanna, Grain Technik

New Developments in Flour Milling

Smart Corrugations
Roman Inauen, Bühler

New Mill Construction
Jeff Hole, Miller Milling

Flour Milling – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Sunil Maheshwari, Siemer Milling Company

Application of Solar Energy in a Flour Mill Operation
Jeff Hole, Miller Milling

Food Safety, Sanitation and Pest Management Programs
Dr. Subramanyam Bhadriraju, K-State University

Heat Treatment to Manage Insects in Flour Mills
Dr. Subramanyam Bhadriraju, K-State University

Food Safety and Quality Control
Dr. Suresh D. Sakhare, ISMT, CSIR-CFTRI

India and Fortification (Delhi)
Venkat Subramanian, FFI

India and Fortification (Bangalore)
Venkat Subramanian, FFI

Flour Heat Treatment for Specialty Flour and Food Safety
Sunil Maheshwari, Siemer Milling Company

Wheat and Flour Quality Testing and Data Interpretation
Saurabh Mittal, Applied Testing Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Essential Tools to Manage Grain and Flour Quality – Standards and Proficiency Rating Programs
Anne Bridges, AACCI

Whole Wheat Flour and Atta Flour Production
B.S. Muralidhara, Bühler

Management of Insects in Stored Grain and Grain-Processing Facilities
Dr. Subramanyam Bhadriraju, K-State University

Wolverine, Ohio Valley, Niagara, Southeastern Technical Conference
September 20, 2018

Sanitary Transport Best Practices
Ron Galle, ADM

OSHA 1920 Subpart D – Changes to Working Ladders and Surfaces
Joe Mlynek, Progressive Safety Services, LLC

Capitalizing on Available Energy Rebates
Jerry Zolkowski, DNV GL

Modernizing the Mill Flow
John Steinfort, Star of the West Milling Co.

Personal and Leadership Development
Stacy Payne, Chelsea Milling

Evolution of Blowers
Paul Mosher, Gardner Denver

KSU IGP Institute – Update
Shawn Thiele, Kansas State University

Emergency Notifications Systems
Daryl Cooper, Valcom

Western Canadian Technical Conference
September 13, 2018

On-site Renewable Generation Opportunities for Food Processing Facilities in Western Canada
Thomas Malinowski, Green Cat Renewables

HazardPRO Wireless Hazard Monitoring
Jeff Winters, Electro Sensors

Blowers: Application and Maintenance Overview
Bill Byrnes, Blower Engineering

You Can’t Measure What You Don’t Measure
Lorne Neault, EMW

Baghouse Basics – Operation and Maintenance
Alex Kice, Kice Industries

Dust Tight Bags – Securing Food Hygiene and Plant Safety
Luke Thomas, Fawema Inc.

Economic Stabilizing of Pallet Loads for Safe Storage and Transport
Clayton Beaver, Grip Fix America, Inc.

Vertical Pearler Osiris
Isabelle Huggler, Bühler

HTX Grain Heater
Mike Richardson, CETEC

Western District Technical Conference
August 16, 2018

Leonardo Sorter
Dillon Phillips, Bratney Companies

California Wheat Commission Report
Claudia Carter, California Wheat Commission

Bird Control
Leonard Mongiello, IFC

Jeff Seeger, Great Western Manufacturing

Precision Maintenance
Ed LaPreze, Pepper Maintenance

Central Vacuum
Afshin Nayeri, Kice Industries

Repairing Bin Silos
Josh Delcamp, Green Future, Inc.

Paper Fiber Bags
Ferris Vanbeselaere, Hood Packaging

Buhler TUBO
Karl Ledergerber, Buhler, Inc.

Flour City District Summer Conference
August 9, 2018

Bratney Companies – What’s New
Dillon Phillips, Bratney Companies

Sanitary Transport Best Practices
Ron Galle, ADM Milling Company

Motion Amplification
Randy Springer, Pepper Maintenance

Dust Control Design and Maintenance
Brent McIntosh, Kice Industries

Evolution of the Blower
Paul Mosher, Gardner Denver

TUBO – Revolution in Conveying Systems
Juan Martinez, Bühler

Continuous Hazardous Monitoring
Jason Grahek, CMC Industrial Electronics

Central, Wheat State and Texoma Districts’ Joint Summer Conference
July 27, 2018

Wheat Crop Update
Mark Hodges, Plains Grains, Inc.

Farmers – The Solution to Food Problems
Andrew Hoelscher, Farm Strategy

Sanitary Transport Best Practices
Ron Galle, ADM Milling

Multi-Generational Scramble
Emily Bowers, BEMA           

Fogging, Spot, and Pulse Fumigation
Patrick Plumer, Food Protection Services

Motion Amplification
Edward LaPreze, Pepper Maintenance

Are You An Insightful Leader
Emily Bowers, BEMA

Evolution of the Blower
Denis Lemoing, Gardner Denver

Bühler TUBO Conveyor
Daniel Ayd, Bühler

What’s New
Dillon Phillips, Bratney Companies

41st Annual Latin America Region Conference & Expo

Taller pre-conferencia: Auditoria de procesos de molienda y optimización
Workshop: Mill Process Audit & Optimization
Mill Audit Worksheet
Enzo Galluzzo, ESLAMO

Opening Remarks: Steve Doyle, IAOM President
Juan Pablo Galvez – Chair, Precision S.A.

Impacto de la harina de grillo sobre las características de los trigos
Impact of Cricket Flour on the Characteristics of Wheat
Laurent Clair, Chopin Technologies

El Trigo y su valor nutricional: El Mito sobre una dieta libre de Gluten
Wheat and Nutritional Value: A Gluten-free Diet
Andreas John, Bühler Inc

Etiqueta Limpia: Oportunidades para la Industria Molinera
Clean Label: Opportunities for the Milling Industry
Paulo Prudant, Granotec SA

Realidad virtual 3D en la molienda de harina: la próxima generación en mantenimiento de molinos y capacitación de personal
3D Virtual Reality in Flour Milling: The Next Generation in Mill Maintenance and Personnel Training
Andrea Schintu, OCRIM SpA

Limpieza, Mezcla y Humectación del Trigo
Cleaning, Blending and Dampening of Wheat
Alper Iyibicer, Alapala Machine

Soluciones de empaque limpio
Clean Packaging Solutions
Kevin Rodriguez, Haver & Boecker USA

Mangas Telescopicas Vortex grado alimenticio
Vortex Food Grade Spouts
Mariano Garcia R., Vortex Global

Actualización de Rollermills a la tecnología del siglo 21
Updating Rollermills to 21st Century Technology
Gerald Richardson, CETEC Cereal Technologies, Inc.

Flexizym – Nueva línea de productos para tortillas y pan arabe
Flexizym – New Product Line for Tortillas and Flat Bread Technology
Marc Duncker, Muehlenchemie GmbH

Panel de discusión: Desafíos para la industria molinera en la próxima década
Panel Discussion: Challenges for the Milling Industry
Facilitator: Enzo Galluzo, ESLAMO
Johnny Price, Engrain; Leopoldo Giménez, Molinos del Sudeste; Ivo Klaric, Molinos Modernos; Laurent Clair, Chopin Technologies

Sistemas de mezclas y Microdosificadores Automáticos para Harina
Mixing Systems and Automatic Microdosifiers
Rogerio Silveira Cintra, Sangati Berga S.A.

El impacto de las nuevas regulaciones de inocuidad de alimentos para Harinas de Trigo en los EEUU
The Impact of the New Food Safety Regulations on Wheat Flour in the US
Andreas John, Bühler Inc.

Incorporando objetivos de desarrollo sostenible y responsabilidad social a la industria molinera
Incorporating Sustainable Development Objectives and Social Responsibility to the Milling Industry
Mariela Gomez, Moderna Alimentos

Tratamientos térmicos de molinos y estructuras de almacenamiento
Heat Treatment of Mills & Storage Structures
Rajshekhar Hulasare, Temp-Air, Inc.

Scramble multi-generacional
Multi-Generational Scramble
Emily Bowers, BEMA

Telas para molienda
Milling Sieves
Simone Grandesso, Saati S.p.A.

Instalación de un sistema de maquillaje de aire para controlar la humedad de la sémola en condiciones climáticas secas
Installation of an Air Make-up System to Control Moisture of Semolina in Dry Climatic Conditions
Leopoldo Giménez, Molinos del Sudeste

Provision Gard: Tecnología preventiva contra la infestación de insectos en los empaques
ProvisionGard Technology Food Packaging Additive that Eliminates Insect Infestations
Jose Ignacio Aguilar, Provision Gard

28th Annual Mideast & Africa Region Conference & Expo


8th Annual Southeast Asia Region Conference

Pre-Conference Workshop: Optimization of Wheat Blends for End-Use Application
Ashok Sarkar, Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi)

Leonardo: The Milling Revolution
Pietro Barbalarga, Nicoletti Gabriele, OMAS

Wheat Market Trends in Southeast Asia
Joe Sowers, US Wheat Associates

Making the Grade – Size and Density Separation Principles for Milling Grains
Roger Cook, Petkus Technologie

How to Get the Best Out of Your Mill
Christian Hobi, Le Cong Buhler Vietnam

Trends and Developments in China’s Flour Milling Industry
Professor Li Dongsen, GGI

New Developments for the Flour Milling Industry
Christian Carillo, Buhler Singapore

Leonardo- The Revolutionary Rollermill
Pietro Barbalarga, OMAS

New Challenges of Flour Quality Fluctuations and Enzymatic Flour
Norizad Abdul Rashid, AB Enzymes Singapore

New Generation of High Performance Flour Bagging
Gerhard Steinmayr, Statec Binder GmbH

Antimicrobial Composite Material
Oscar Hidalgo, OCRIM SPA

Global Wheat Market Update
William Syers, Bunge Asia Pte Ltd

Tempering Revolution and Wheat Sterilization
Pietro Barbalarga, OMAS

Flour Fortification
Annette Bueter, Muehlenchemie GmbH & Co KG

Impressions of Dampening Conditions on Milling Performance and Flour
Husamettin Ali Caglar, Genc Degirmen Makinaları San ve Tic. A.S.

Pulse Processing for End-Use  Application
Ashok Sarkar, Cigi

Secure Closures for Open Mouth Bags
Collin Willcox, Fischbein

Alexandra Petz, Brabender GmbH & Co. KG

How to Get the Most Out of Your NIR Instrument
Stefan Tordenmalm, Perten Instruments

65th Annual Western Canadian District Conference

Challenges to the Canadian Milling Industry 2017
Joe Girdner, Rogers Foods, CNMA Member

Metal Detector Basics
Andrew Frei, Fortress Technology

Magnetic Separation Audits of Mills
Don Harris, Bunting Magnetic Co.

Investigating Sifter Maintenance
Jeff Seeger, Great Western Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Getting to know IMAS North America
Diwakar Mokadam, IMAS

Metal Detection Theory of Operation
Chris Heming, MD Packaging

Understanding Air
Josh White, Kice Industries

Bagging and Robotic Palletizing Technology
Pete Smith, Columbia/Okura

Bühler Customer Service
Gabriel Monroy, Bühler Group

Blowers-Back to Basics
Bill Byrnes, Blower Engineering

Introduction to Abell Fumigation Programs
Erik Schuster, Abell Pest Control

Reintroducing Henry Simon
Bulent Ozturk, Alapala

Southeastern, Niagara, Ohio Valley and Wolverine Districts’ Joint Meeting

September 20-22 | Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza, Cincinnati, Ohio

New Technology in the NIR Spectroscopy
Dan Evans, Unity Scientific

Sangati Berga – Who We Are and What We Do
Stephan Berga, Sangati Berga

New Products and Development
Tom Byrnes, Jr., Blower Engineering

Combustible Dust and Dust Mitigation
Brad Kenny, Nilfisk

Portable and Central Vacuum Cleaning Equipment
Chris Schnetzer, Cat Equipment

Impact Detacher MJZI
Dan Ayd, Buhler

Frame Preparation and Sieve Stretching
Debbie Copelan, Saati

Omas Leonardo Roller Mill
Dillon Phillips, Bratney Companies

The IPM Toolbox
Jeff Waggoner, Fumigation Service and Supply

Global Structure and Services
Yan Gagne, Premier Tech Chronos

The Four C’s of Dust Control
Icy Williams, Atmos 360 Air System Solutions

Managing Safety and Why It Matters
Carey Bennett, Dekra Insight

Western District Technical Conference

August 17, 2017 | Big Sky Resort, Big Sky, Montana, USA

Magnet Man
Brian Hater, Industrial Magnetics

Combustible Dust 101
John Allen, Sonic Aire

New Sifting Products
Cory Lare, Buhler

Advancements & Maintenance
Sam Byrnes, Blower Engineering

IPM for Flour/Grain Mills
Tom Beck, IFC

Omas Leonardo Roller Mill
Dawson Mosey, Bratney

Impacts of Process Changes on a Dust Collection System
Afshin Nayeri, Kice Industries

Ultrasonic Inspections
Ed LaPreze, Pepper Maintenance

New Facility Expansion
Diwakar Mokadam, IMAS

FSMA Update
Tom Black, Ardent Mills

NIR Inline Analysis
Steve Nenonen, FOSS

2017 Crop Updates
Collin Watters, Montana Wheat & Barley Commission

It’s All About Beer
Steve Nordahl, Lone Peak Brewing

Flour City Summer Technical Conference

August 3, 2017 |Madden’s on Gull Lake Resort, Brainerd, Minnesota, USA

OMAS Leonardo Rollstand
Keith Bos, Bratney Company

Ron Galle, ADM

Screen Bolting
Debbie Copelan, Saati

Security infrastructure
John McGuire, Ag Security Systems

Magnetic Separation
Kyle Rhodes, MPI

Safety Climate
Joe Melton, Dekra

High Reliability Principles
Carey Bennett, Dekra

Central, Texoma and Wheat State Districts’ Joint Summer Technical Conference

July 28, 2017 |Chateau on the Lake, Branson, Missouri, USA

Aerosol Insecticides and Control of Stored Product Insects
Frank Arthur, USDA-ARS-CGAHR

Building a Safety Climate Dashboard
Carey Bennett, Dekra Insight

Fogging and Spot Fumigation
Patrick Plumer, Food Protection Services

New Technology in NIR Spectroscopy
Bethany Steevens and Rachael Glenister, Unity Scientific

Sieve Stretching and Frame Preparation
Debbie Copelan, SAATI

Omas Leonardo Roller Mill
Dillon Phillips, Bratney Companies

Industries Eye on Prevention
Pamela Peckman, IFC

Metal Control Technologies
Frank Reda, MPI

Wheat Crop Update
Justin Gilpin, Kansas Wheat Commission

EcoBird – A Non-Hazardous Bird Repellent
Steven Roth, Roth Chemical Company

Wheat State, Central and Texoma Districts’ Joint Spring Meeting

March 16 | K-State University, Manhattan, Kansas, USA
Predicting the Wheat Flour Size Segregation Process From Particle Properties
Kali Siliveru, Graduate Student, K-State University

An Overview of the Milling Industry in China
Dr. Ningbo Li, Research Assistant, K-State University

Elevator Troubleshooting: Causes, Effects, Solutions
Bo Fisher, Maxi-Lift, Inc.

Allergens in Flour & FSMA
Ron Galle, ADM Milling Company

Drag Conveyor Maintenance & Chain Breaking
Van Buchanan, Ty Quillin, Jim Bybee, Bulk Conveyors, Inc.

Wheat Crop Update: Planted Acreage Trends & Current Conditions
Justin Gilpin, CEO of Kansas Wheat

K-State Bulk Solids Innovation Center
Pat Mahoney, Coperion K-Tron Salina, Inc.

Maintenance Reliability
Tim Kinnick, ADM Milling Company

40th Annual Latin America Region Conference

February 1-3 | Guatemala City, Guatemala

Eficiencia Y Calidad en la Molienda de Trigo | Efficiency and Quality in Wheat Grinding
Enzo Galluzzo, ESLAMO2 February

Actividades y Factores Críticos de Éxito de un Molinero | Activities and Critical Success Factors of a Head Miller
Enrique Payeras, Gradimi Consulting

Enzimas para molinería y panadería | Enzymes for the Milling and Baking Industry
Dr. Lutz Popper, Muehlenchemie GmbH & Co. KG

Nueva Alternativa Amylab FN | New Alternative Amylab FN
Laurent Clair, Chopin Technologies

El desafío de la sostenibilidad en una industria alimentaria de rápido movimiento| The Challenge of Sustainability in a Fast Moving Food Industry 
Andreas John, Bühler

Deltamalt: Ajuste enzimatico del Number y la calidad panadera| Deltamalt: Enzymatic Adjustment of the Falling Number and Baking
Detlev Roesler, Muehlenchemie GmbH & Co. KG

Axello ZAP – El primer empaque sellado hecho de papel | Axello ZAP – The First Sealed Paper Packaging
Gabriel Berman, Billerudkorsnäs

Estriado Y Gestion Del Mantenimiento | Corrugation and Maintenance Management
Andrea Schintu, OCRIM SPA

IoT Gestión inteligente de automatización | IoT Smart Automation Management
Andreas John, Bühler

Tecnología de fresado de última Generación | State of the Art Milling Technology
Moreno De Marchi, Alapala

Enzimas de procesamiento de trigo para mejorar la eficiencia de la molienda | Wheat Processing Enzymes for Enhanced Milling Efficiency
Eduardo Pimentel Jr, DuPont Nutrition & Health

Como obtener un mejor valor del afrecho y otros sub productos altos en fibra | Better Value for Wheat Bran and Other Fiber By-Products
Mejorando la rentabilidad por medio de la optimización de mezclas de trigos
Miguel Galdos, Engrain LLC

Planeacion estategica de ampliaciones de capacidad de un molino de trigo | Project Planning Issues of the Mill
Juan Carlos Garces, Molinos Santa Marta S.A.S.

Enfriamiento de Granos para su Conservación durante el Almacenamiento | Quality Assurance of Paddy & Rice by Grain Cooling and Chilling
Roberto Tapia Sanchez, FrigorTec LP

Formación de Acrilamida en productos derivados de harinas de trigo | Formation of Acrylamide in Products Derived from Wheat Flour
Mario Rousselin, Grupo Molsa

Consideraciones relevantes sobre la estructura de los diagramas de molienda | Relevant considerations on the structure of grinding diagrams
Ricardo Pereira, Sangati Berga S.A.

Mezcladores y dosadores automáticos para harina | Automatic Mixers and Flour Dosers-In the Search for Customized Flours
Rogerio Cintra, Sangati Berga SA

Niagara, Ohio Valley, Southeastern, and Wolverine Districts’ Joint Conference

State of Milling in North America
Jim McCarthy, North American Millers’ Association (NAMA)

What’s New
Bob Klasek, Nitta Corporation

What’s New
Jim Singer, Fortress Technologies

What’s New
Josef Reiser, Buhler

The Milling Industry Confronts Allergen Cross-Contact in the Wheat Supply Chain
Ben Boroughs, North American Millers’ Association (NAMA)

We have been Cited by OSHA, What now?
David Frazelle, ADM Milling Co.

What’s New
IMP, Frank Reda

What’s New
Blower Engineering, Tom Byrnes

What’s New
Creason Corrugating, Art Creason

Multimilla Roller Mill and Multiplexa Quadro Plansifter
Diwaker Mokadam, IMAS North America

Simplifying the Purification Process
Tom Worcester, ADM Milling Co.

Election Recap and What are Government Regulations
Bryan Dierlam, Lorraine Hawley and Beth Holzman, ADM Government Regulations Team

Overview: Who does what in DC?
Bryan Dierlam, Lorraine Hawley and Beth Holzman, ADM Government Regulations Team

7th Annual Southeast Asia Region Conference & Expo

High Efficiency Flow
Marco Galli, Ocrim SpA

GGI Technology Review
Mark Lyons, GGI

Packaging Trends
Frederic Toubeau, Premier Tech Chronos

Managing Grain and Flour Quality Requires the Right Tools
Dr. Anne Bridges, AACC International

Optical Fluting Test
David Balaguer, Balaguer Rolls

New Developments in Grain Milling
Dominique Kull, Bühler

Petkus Asia – New Hub, New Solutions
Roger Cook, PETKUS

New Time-saving Methods for Grain and Flour Quality Control
Martin Hallin, Perten Instruments

Introducing the All New NYTAL Sieve Cleaners
Daniel Kinek, Sefar AG


Mycotoxins Impact World Food Crops
Dr. Anne Bridges, AACC International

Additional Value for Finish Products
Hansjoerg Haldner, Bühler

Heat Treatment-An Effective Green Alternative for Food Processing Plants
Raj Hulasare, Temp-Air Inc.

Review of Grain Cooling As a Total Solution
Claus Martin Braunbeck, Frigortec GmbH

Key Performance Indicators in Flour Mills
Rachid Elkhaham, CBH Group

Falling Number-Serving the Grain & Flour Industry for Over 50 Years
Martin Hallin, Perten Instruments AB

Wheat Market Update
William Syers, Bunge Agribusiness Singapore Pte Ltd

Wheat Milling Behavior
Geoffroy d’Humières, Chopin Technologies

Boost Performance/Profit with Preventative Maintenance
Andreas Hummel, Bühler

Flour City District Fall Meeting

Thursday, August 4
SEA Chrome Color Sorter
Ron Purvis, The Bratney Company

LED Lighting Options
Tim Herron, UTI

Sifter and Troubleshooting FAQs
Bob Ricklefs, Great Western Mfg. Co., Inc.

Hazardous Lighting and Enclosures
Joel Manthe, Killark

FSMA and Camera Surveillance
Todd Spinner and Joe Balsimo, Lakeland

Wheat Conditioning
Sven Kunz, Buhler

Structural Restoration
Josh Threet, SRI

Central, Wheat State, Texoma Districts’ Summer Technical Conference

Friday, July 29
Crop Update
Justin Gilpin, Kansas Wheat Commission

Wheat Conditioning
Sven Kunz, Buhler

Belt Preparation
Terry McMenamy, Accurate Industrial

Fundamentals of Chain Conveyor Maintenance
Craig Jones, Bulk Conveyors

Rodents, Step 1: Admit you have a Problem
Chelle Hartzer, IFC

Flour Treatments
Tom Reed, REPCO

Roll Corrugation
Steve Humphreys, Design Corrugating

MASA Process, Corn Milling Industry
Raul Ayala

Mill Energy Reliability
Alex Unruh, General Mills

Mill Centro-Vac Design and Use
Lonnie Glen, Kice Industries

9th Annual Latin America District Conference

February 3-5

jueves, 4 de febrero | Thursday, February 4

Palabras de Apertura | Opening Remarks

Métodos de Muestreo para Control de Calidad | Sampling Types for Quality Control
Suzan Kizilok, Bastak

Selección y Preparación para la Molienda | Selection and Preparation of Milling Sieves
Mattia Rossini, SAATI

Optimización del Valor de los Sub-Productos Para el criado de Pollos | Optimizing Wheat Mill Co-Product Value in Broiler and Layer Production
Miguel Galdos, Engrain

Importancia del Análisis en línea en la Molienda | The Importance of Online Analysis in the Flour Milling Industry
Andrea Schintu, OCRIM

Polimeros y Control de calidad | Polymeres and Quality Control
Laurent Clair, Chopin

Modernizando Bancos a Tecnología del Siglo 21 | Updating Rollermills to 21st Century Technology
Gerald Richardson, CETEC

Zeppelin la Ingenieria | Zeppelin Engineering
Alex Cruz, Zeppelin

Soluciones inteligentes en la Automatización | Intelligent Solutions in Automation
Ricardo Vilchis, Bühler

Etiqueta Limpia en Molinos y Panificados: Soluciones Enzimáticas | Clean Label in Milling and Bakery-Enzymatic Solutions
Maria Caolina Lara, Granotec

Discusion de Panel: Modernización de molinos – Planeo y Preparación de Presupuestos
Panel Discussion: Mill Upgrading – Cost Estimation and Planning
Moderator: Carlos Campabadal; Panelists: Marco Fava, Enrique Payeras, and Fernando Bichon Licuime

viernes, 5 de febrero |  Friday, February 5

Innovaciones para el control de calidad | Innovations for Quality Control
Laurent Clair, Chopin

Resumen de la Industria Molinera en China | GGI China Flour Milling Industry Overview
Mark Lyons, GGI International

Conceptos e Innovaciones en el Empaque | Packaging Concepts and Innovations
Henrik Anden & Lars Bergstrom, Billerudkorsnas

Manejo eficiente de las fumigaciones en la materia prima y sus ahorros | Efficient Pest Management in Commodity and Cost Savings
Eunice Barahona, Molinos Modernos

Midiendo el Daño del Almidón como Herramienta para Optimizar el Molino | Measuring Starch Damage as a Mill Optimization Technique
Shawn Thiele, Kansas State University

Evaluación de rendimiento: Puntos críticos de control en la molienda | Performance Assessment: Critical Control Points in Milling
Andreas John, Bühler

Consideraciones en el Almacenaje de Trigo en Zonas Tropicales | Storage Considerations for Wheat in Tropical Conditions
Carlos Campabadal, Kansas State University

Sistema Nixtamal | Nixtamal System
Mario Duchi, Golfetto Sangati

Diagramas de punta para los molinos en Latino América | Point Diagram for Latin American Mills
Marco Galli, OCRIM SpA

Cagdas Ingin, Alapala

6th Annual Southeast Asia District Conference

October 5-6

Energy Today and Tomorrow
Wallace Chang, CBH Australia

Energy Efficiency in Compressed Air Technology
Andy Lim, Aerzen

Flour Automatic Bagging
Michele Giorgetti, IMECO

ProFoss for Milling Efficiency
Samantha Openshaw, FOSS/PT Haes Bros.

Challenges in Feeding the World
William Syers, Bunge

Innovative Process Designs to Challenge Market Demands
Dominique Kull, Buhler

MGA-Multifunction Grain Analyzer and Its Benefits in Milling
Oscar Hidalgo, OCRIM

Maintenance of the Mill
Stefano Soldi, ALAPALA

Revolutionary Grain Tempering for Visionary Milling
Sylvia Graf, Vibronet

An Overview of Indonesian Wheat Flour Industry
Franky Welirang, Director, PT IndoFood Sukses Makmur Tbk.

Yield Value Estimate for Management Decisions
Dr. Jeff Gwirtz, JAG Services

Noodle Flour Milling
Mark Lyon, GGI

From Flour Tech to Production Applications
Walter von Reding, Buhler

The Importance of Dough Rheology and Flour Functionality in Quality Control
Grégory Vericel, Chopin Technologies Product Manager

U.S. Milling Market Overview
IAOM Vice President Brad Allen, Ardent Mills

Updating Rollermills to 21st Century Technology
Gerald, Richardson, CETEC

Trends in Turnkey Flour Milling Construction
Roger Cook, Petkus

How to extend Your Value Chain of Flour Products
Thomas Heierli, Buhler

Break Roll Corrugation Selection and Wear
Dr. Jeff Gwirtz, JAG Services, Inc.

Golden West, Pacific and Intermountain Districts’ Joint Fall Meeting

Thursday, September 17

Facility Pest Control
Tom Beck, IFC

Improving ROI by Selecting the Right Technology
Mark Klee, Siemens

New Developments for Small and Large Bag Packers
Henning von der Wroge, FAWEMA

Roll Corrugation Tool
Tim McDougall, Buhler

BoMill Add Value to your Grains
Bruce Bratney, Bratney Companies

Benefits of Using Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers on Pneumatic Conveying Lines
Tom Byrnes, Jr., Blower Engineering

Multimilla Roller Mill and Multiplexa Quadro Plansifter
Diwakar Mokadam, IMAS North America

Thermal and Laser Alignment
Ed Laprez, Pepper Maintenance

Magnetic Pull Test
Rick Bigham, Bunting Magnetics

California Wheat Update and Outlook
Janice Cooper, California Wheat Commission

Fumigation Preparation
Joseph Ramero, Rentokil

Central, Wheat State and Texoma Districts’ Joint Fall Meeting

Thursday, July 31

Wheat Crop Update
Mark Hodges, Plains Grains, Inc.

Measuring Air
Josh White, Kice Industries

Lubrication Reliability in Flour Milling
Alan Harding, Hydrotex

What’s New: Monitor Mass Flow and Moisture Measurement Systems
Mike King, W.D. Patterson Co., Inc

FSMA in Flour Milling
Dr. Bhadriraju Subramanyam, Kansas State University

A Magnet is not just a Magnet
Magnetic Products Inc.

Buhler rollDetect
Bill Ritchie, Buhler

Concrete Solutions
Brian Foster, Strong-Tie

History of Missouri Water Mills
Kerrie Zubrod, Ozark County Chamber of Commerce

Central, Wheat State and Texoma Districts’ Joint Spring Meeting

March 5, 2015
Managing Starch Damage to Improve Milling Efficiencies
Kyle McCormack, K-State University

Maintenance of Valves That Apply to the Milling Industry
Michael Kline & Mike Yost, Vortex

FSMA and Prevention; How Monitoring Fits It
Chelle Hartzer, BCE, The Industrial Fumigant Company (IFC)

Instruments in Flour Milling, Practical Examples
Josh Hudson, Perten Instruments, Inc.

Airlock Maintenance & Solutions
Cem Brinckley & Stan Garber, Rotary Airlock LLC

EcoBird 4.0 Bird Repellent: What it is, How it works, Features & Benefits
Steve Roth, Roth Chemical Company, Ltd.

Wheat Crop Update & Introduction of the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center
Justin Gilpin, CEO of Kansas Wheat

Mideast & Africa District Conference


38th Annual Latin America District Technical Conference

November 7-8, 2014

Taller Pre-Conferencia
Presented by Marco Fava and Andrea Saturno

Pérdidas en silos de almacenamiento/Losses in Storage Silos
La importancia de las Mezclas en los nuevos nichos de Mercado/The Importance of Mixes in New Market Niches
Molinos de trigo y su impacto medio ambiental/Wheat Mills and Their Environmental Impact
Indicadores de operación de molinos KPI/Keys Performance Indicators (KPI) in Mills

Tecnología de Saneamiento/Sanitation Technology
Mark Lyons, GGI International Ltd.

Tecnología VOMM y su aplicación al tratamiento térmico de las harinas
Por Fabio Talamo, VOMM

Desempeño de un Molino de Trigo/Performance of a Wheat Mill
Por Luiz Baleeiro , Bühler

Soluciones mejoradas para el análisis de trigos, harinas y sémolas/Improved Solutions for the Analysis of Wheat, Flour and Meal
Por Alberto Chiesa, PERTEN Instruments

El maíz a 360°/Maize 360°
Por Gonzalo Girelli, GOLFETTO SANGATI

Estriado de Cilindros y Gestión del Mantenimiento/Fluted Cylinder Maintenance Management
Por Andrea Schintu, OCRIM

Situación de La Industria Panadera en Latinoamerica y Caribe/The Situation Baking Industry in Latin America and the Caribbean
Por Miguel Galdos, ENGRAIN

Innovaciones en el control de calidad/Innovations in Quality Control
Por Lorenzo Clair, CHOPIN Technologies

Desgaste de las Telas Nytal en el Molino de Trigo/Nytal Fabrics for the Wheat Mill

El manejo de la plaga de aves en instalaciones de almacenaje y proceso de cereals/Bird Management in Storage and Grain Processing Facilities
Por Jaime Gaviria, GAVIAGRO

IAOM 4th Annual Southeast Asia Technical Conference

October 12-14, 2014
What’s New in Wheat Preparation for Milling
Roger Cook, PETKUS

Flour Treatment without Chemicals – Fad or Future?
Hendrick Moegenburg, Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific

Creating Values for Millers in South East Asia
Erwin Sudharma, Buhler Indonesia

Sefar Nytal. The Fabric for Millers
Daniel Kinek, Sefar Switzerland

Advanced & New Technologies in Grain Milling
Thomas Heierli, Buhler Thailand

Wheat Quality Determination
Dr. Irfan Hashmi, GrainCorp Operations – Australia

TOS 3000
Fischbein Packaging (S) Pte Ltd.

ALVEOLAB, SRC, Mixolab 2
Chopin Technologies

MSP Supersense Purifier

Brabender GmbH & Co. KG

Asia’s Rise and its Impact on Grain Logistics
Will Syers, Bunge

Gain from Packing Dense!
Christian Helwig, FAWEMA

Trends of Grain Milling, Food Industry and their Role in Nutrition Security in India
Dr. Subrata Dutta, FFI-India

Hot Air – An Effective, Green Alternative
Dr. Raj Hulasare, Temp-Air

Main Cost Factors of Wheat Flour Mills
Ali Korkut, Alapala

Noodle Flour Production
Dr. Li Dongsen, Golden Grains Int.

Including SRC Test in Standard Flour Quality Control: The Whys
Arnaud Dubat, Chopin Technologies

Food Fortification Initiative (What Happened to Flour?)
Dr. Jeff Gwirtz, JAG Services Inc.

Wolverine, Ohio Valley, Niagara, Southeastern Joint District Fall Meeting

Thursday, September 18, 2014

2015 Soft Winter Wheat Crop Report
Jan Levenhagen, Mennel Milling Company

Living Leadership: Vision that Matters
Phillip Hedgspeth, HelpNet

King Milling Company New 5,000 cwt. Flour Mill
Steve Doyle, King Milling Company

Automation Life-Cycle Planning
Jason Grahek, The Lakeland Companies

Dust Collection Design and Maintenance
Kurt Meyers, Kice Industries

Ag Safety and Rescue Initiative
Wayne Bauer and Pat Nellenbach, Star of the West Milling

HazardPRO Wireless Hazard Monitoring
Mike Kroening, Electro-Sensors, Inc.

Flour City District Summer Meeting

Thursday, August 7, 2014
Roll Temp Monitoring
Bob Reis, CMC Electrical

Roll Corrugation Services
Bill Ritchie, Buhler

Filter Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Jeff Kice, Kice Industries

OSHA Regulations Overview
John Nethery, ABB/Jokab

Pleated Bags
Murphy Dwyer, Donaldson Torit

Compressed Air and Temper Water Filtration
Dave McGovern, Donaldson-Torit

Benefit of a Pre-Cleaning Process at Intake
Josef Reiser, Buhler

Machine Guarding
John Nethery, ABB/Jokab

Texoma, Central & Wheat State Districts Joint Spring Meeting

Friday, March 7, 2014

Proper Sieve Cloth Selection
Mike Branson, Sefar

Ferkar Universal Mill – 18 Years in North America & Growth of Whole Grain Flours
Darryl Tateishi, DT Grain Processing Systems, Inc.

Purifier Technology
Tim McDougall, Bühler Inc.

KSU Update – Milling Program Recruitment
Fran Churchill, Kansas State University

Improved Process Control With NIR & New Perten Developments
Josh Hudson, Perten Instruments, Inc.

Filters & Dust Control
Darin Teetes, Kice Industries

High Speed Bagging of Flour & Bakery Mixes
Mark Dunn, Thiele Technologies

Old Roller Mill Modernization
Steve Humphreys, Design Corrugating Company

Fumigation Update, Alternative Technologies & New Products
Chelle Hartzer, IFC – Industrial Fumigant Company

The Brewing Process
Craig Mycoskie, Rahr & Sons Brewing Company

Wheat State District Meeting & Conference

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Purifier Technology
Tim McDougall, Buhler

Drag Conveyor Maintenance
Mark Cloud, Tramco Inc.

Energy Efficient Compressed Air Equipment
Dave McGee, Air Capital Equipment

Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Positive Displacement Blowers
Ben Kice, Kice Industries, Inc.

Latin America District Conference

Saturday, November 16 Taller Pre-Conferencia
Crisis y Molinos Importancia de Seguridad e Inocuidad Alim en el Molino Molineria y Tecnologia

Domingo, Noviembre 17
Programa 2013 de What’s New
Informe de Calidad del Trigo Americano 2012-2013 (U.S. Wheat Update)
Art Bettge, ADB Wheat

Aplicación al tratamiento térmico de harinas (Application for heat treatment in flour)
Fabio Talamo, VOMM

Impiante e processi Control de fermentación de la masa (Dough control fermentation)
Laurent Clair, CHOPIN Technologies

Como definimos realmente calidad de harinas panaderas (How to define quality for baking flour)
Miguel Galdo../wp-content/uploads/04engrain.pdfs, ENGRAIN

Construir el Molino: Las ventajas de los proyectos en 3 dimensiones (BUILD THE MILL: Advantages of projects in 3D)
Oscar Hidalgo, OCRIM

La humedad de los granos, el factor más importante en la conservación de la calidad (Grain moisture, the most important factor in preserving the quality)
Jaime Gaviria, GAVIAGRO

Trazabilidad del proceso en un Molino de Trigo (Process traceability in a wheat mill)
Ricardo Pereira, SANGATI BERGA

Seguimiento del Amidón, su calidad e influencia en los productos finales (Starch tracking, quality and influence in the final products)
Por Nicolás Valero, PERTEN Instruments

El arte de la molienda del trigo Durum (The art of durum wheat milling)

Importancia de los tejidos de nylon y poliéster en el molino (Importance of nylon and polyester fabrics in the mill)

Southeast Asia District Conference & Expo

October 8

Pre-Conference Workshop on Pest Management presented by Dr. Subramanyam (Subi) Bhadriraju, Wilbur Endowed Professor at Kansas State University Principles of Grain Condition and Insects Sanitation in Grain Storage Sanitation Issues in Flour Mills Pest Management Concepts IPM Mistakes and Solutions Miscellaneous IPM Talk Principles of Phosphine Fumigation

October 9

High-End Performance Line Milling Technology
Urs Duebendorfer, Bühler

Infestation Technology in Flour Processing
Professor Li Dongseng, GGI (Golden Grain Intl.)

Flour Fortification in SEA – Addressing Technical Concerns
Lena Kampehl, Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific

Importance of Professional Stretching Sieves, Metal or Synthetic, on the Frame
Joe Klinger, Sefar

Wheat Market Update
William Syers, Bunge

Heat Treated Flour
Dr. Irfan Hashmi, GrainCorp Ltd.

IM9500 with Flour Module
Gunnar Nilsson, Perten Instruments

Soeren Meissner, Brabender

Stéphane Cochet, Chopin

Latest Developments in Bag Closing Technology: Sewing Remains the Best
Alan Bowie, Fischbein

Build the Mill
Oscar Hidalgo, Ocrim

October 10

Improvement of Pasta and Noodle Flour – Modifying Cost and Quality
Hendrick Moegenburg, Muehlenchemie

Paper or Plastic – A Surprising Comparison
Christian Helwig, Fawema

Regional Customer Service Strength
Marco Anchisi, Bühler

Heat Treatment of Mills and Storage Structures
Dr. Bh. Subramanyam, Kansas State University and Dr. Raj Hulasare, Temp Air, Inc.

New Wheat Classification System in Australia
Dr. Irfan Hashmi, GrainCorp Ltd.

Using the SRC Method as a Tool for Millers
Roy Chung, U.S. Wheat Associates

The Threat of Turkish Flour on ASEAN Wheat Flour Milling Industry
Ric Pinca, Philippine Assoc. of Flour Millers

Controlled Atmosphere – Applications for the Milling Industry
Nguyen Van Phat, ECO2

Southeastern, Niagara, Ohio Valley and Southeastern Districts’ Joint Meeting

September 26, 2013

IAOM Update Joel Hoffa, IAOM President

The Wheat Report Jan Levenhagen, Mennel Milling Co.

A Miller In Retirement (no PPT) Bob Reid (Honorary Chairman), Mennel Milling Consultant (Retired)

Project Update Protein Shift Steve Coulombe Sturtevant Inc.

Best Methods for Magnetic Separation in the Milling Industry
Collins McGeorge, Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Chemical Monitoring
Mike Townsend, ForceFlow

KSU Update
Mark Fowler, Kansas State University

Particle Analysis
Josef Reiser, Buhler Inc.

Insect Growth Regulators (IGR)
Lee Redd, IFC

Packaging System Innovations
Greg Vander Vorste, Premier Tech

Imas Purifiers
Diwakar Mokadam, IMAS North America Fumigation Update Nathan Stocker, Royal Fumigation

Pace Company/Vortex Valves
Paul Birdsong

Intermountain, Pacific & Golden West District Meeting

August 15, 2013

Central Vacuum Systems
Eric Stefan, Kice Industries

Benefits of Wheat Heating; Improving Efficiency and Sanitation
Tim McDougall, Buhler

How to Keep Your Plant Up to Date Without Grinding up your Profits
James Hull, Rockwell Automation

Wheat Crop Outlook
Blaine Jacobson, Idaho Wheat Commission

Bird Control
Lenny Mongiello, Industrial Fumigant Company

Avoiding Catastrophe in Grain Storage and Silos
Daniel Wambeke, SCAFCO Grain Systems

Railcar Liner Maintenance
Clark Beck, Idaho Rail Shop Preventative Maintenance and Belt Safety Walt Aguirre, Gates [line_top]

Central and Wheat State District meeting

July 26, 2013

Wheat Crop Update
Justin Gilpin, Kansas Wheat Commission

Dust Collectors – Design & Maintenance
Eric Stefan, Kice Industries

New Rollstand Belting Splicing Technique
Bob Klasek, Nitta Corporation of America

Benefits of Wheat Heating – Improving Efficiency and Sanitation
Josef Reiser, Buhler

Ash in the Milling Industry
Ron Lindgren, Foss North America

Emerging Trends in Pest Management
Chelle Hartzer, Industrial Fumigant, Co.

Belt Buckets & Software to Design Legs Based on Output
Gary Hueser, IBT Grain Belt Division

Central and Wheat State District meeting

August 2-4, 2012

Wheat Crop Update
Justin Gilpin, Kansas Wheat Commission

Reducing Energy Costs in the Milling Process
Diwakar Mokadam, IMAS North America

What’s New in Milling and Rheology
Tom Sliffe, Perten Instruments

Advances in Mix Plant Designs and Blending Systems
John Hunter, Buhler Inc.

Getting the most out of your PD Blowers
Adam Crampton, Tuthill Corporation

Fumigant Update – Methyl Bromide and Alternatives
Chelle Hartzer, The Industrial Fumigant Co.

Safety with Fall Protection (listen to his presentation on the topic from the 2012 Annual Conference) Dale Pedersen, Fall Protection Systems