South Asia Region Meetings Held

In cooperation with AIBTM, the Roller Flour Mill Federation of India (RFMFI) and the Wheat Products Promotion Society (WPPS), IAOM held its inaugural South Asia Region technical conference and expo in India on December 3-4 in Delhi, and a repeat session on December 6-7 in Bangalore. Developed by and for operative millers, the IAOM meeting focused on technical aspects of flour mill operations. Both events featured presentations delivered by US- and Canadian-based milling experts, as well as India-based supplier companies.

The two-day events gave attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in the industry, and share in roundtable discussions. Several of the top milling equipment manufacturers and suppliers participated  in a table top expo.

Inaugural South Asia Region Conference & Expo
December 3-4 and December 6-7, 2018

Wheat Quality Attributes and their Implications
Ashok Sarkar, Cigi

New Developments in Cleaning and Tempering. High-efficiency, Low-energy Systems
Sunil Maheshwari, Siemer Milling Company

Protecting your Goods from Insect Infestation
Mike Roberson, Provision Value Gard

Wheat Storage and Impact on Quality
Ashok Sarkar, Cigi

Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Mistakes and Solutions
Dr. Subramanyam Bhadriraju, K-State University

Grain Chilling
Rahul Khanna, Grain Technik

New Developments in Flour Milling

Smart Corrugations
Roman Inauen, Bühler

New Mill Construction
Jeff Hole, Miller Milling

Flour Milling – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Sunil Maheshwari, Siemer Milling Company

Application of Solar Energy in a Flour Mill Operation
Jeff Hole, Miller Milling

Food Safety, Sanitation and Pest Management Programs
Dr. Subramanyam Bhadriraju, K-State University

Heat Treatment to Manage Insects in Flour Mills
Dr. Subramanyam Bhadriraju, K-State University

Food Safety and Quality Control
Dr. Suresh D. Sakhare, ISMT, CSIR-CFTRI

India and Fortification (Delhi)
Venkat Subramanian, FFI

India and Fortification (Bangalore)
Venkat Subramanian, FFI

Flour Heat Treatment for Specialty Flour and Food Safety
Sunil Maheshwari, Siemer Milling Company

Wheat and Flour Quality Testing and Data Interpretation
Saurabh Mittal, Applied Testing Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Essential Tools to Manage Grain and Flour Quality – Standards and Proficiency Rating Programs
Anne Bridges, AACCI

Whole Wheat Flour and Atta Flour Production
B.S. Muralidhara, Bühler

Management of Insects in Stored Grain and Grain-Processing Facilities
Dr. Subramanyam Bhadriraju, K-State University


The generosity and support of our Sponsors and Exhibitors is greatly appreciated. Please consider the following participating companies for your various business needs.

Sponsor and Exhibitor

and Exhibitors

Bühler Inc.
Bühler is a global specialist and technology partner, supplying plants, equipment and services for grain and food processing as well as dry ingredient handling systems. We work with you to provide customized solutions.

Agaram Industries primarily deals with food processing and food testing equipment like NIR Analyser, SDMatic, Alveolab, Mixolab, falling number apparatus and gluten system, and pasta machine/ extruder, and texture analyser.

GGI International Ltd (Golden Grain) is a milling engineering design and equipment supply company with a head office/factory located in China and an international marketing office based in Hong Kong. Professor Li Dongsen, Chairman, founded the holding company [Zhengzhou Golden Grain] which has designed over five hundred (500) flour mills (150-3,500 MT) within the PRC and the world market place over the last twenty (20) years. 

GrainTechnik is an Indian company specialized in the field of grain cooling technology. Together with the support of Indian Institute of Technology & Certified Govt. Agricultural bodies, the company is dedicated to ending wastage of grain during storage and to eliminate harmful unhygienic fumigation methods while storing freshly harvested grain.

Kay Jay Chill Rolls Pvt Ltd.
Kay Jay Chill Rolls is dedicated to manufacturing rolls for grain, cereal and flour milling, animal feed mills, oil milling, cracking and flaking, rice flaking, steel re-rolling mills, pipe and tube mills, mixing, soap, paint, rubber, packaging, chocolate, coffee, beverage, malting, paper, mineral and other various industries since 1975.

Provision Value Gard
PROVISIONGARD™ is a water-based coating that contains an active insect-growth-regulator (IGR) ingredient to control insect infestation of the packaged product for over two years by preventing insects from evolving through their lifecycle stages.

Stern Ingredients
Stern Ingredients India is a subsidiary of the international Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, one of the world’s leading suppliers of food and feed ingredients. The group is comprised of 11 specialist ingredients companies with extensive applications technology that enables practical product development in close collaboration with customers.