District Officers
Steve (Red) Michel
Star of the West Milling

Kenny Stice
Siemer Milling Company
Harper Zongker
Vice Chairperson
Mennel Milling

Tom Reed

Jeff Waggoner
Fumigation Service & Supply

Chris Tegeler
1st Exe. Committeeperson
Siemer Milling Company

Joe Hedeen
2nd Exe. Committeeperson
Star of the West Milling

Ohio Valley Celebrates 2024 Winter Social

The Ohio Valley District of IAOM hosted its inaugural Winter Social Meeting February 9 in Indianapolis.

Guests checked in to the beautiful Bottleworks Hotel. This bucket list hotel has a rich history and impeccable art deco decor. Members and their guests were treated to a wonderful reception and meal, followed by an improv show at Clowe’s Hall on the Butler University campus. The evening ended with some fun at Pins Bar located adjacent to the hotel. Attendees mingled, played games and had great conversations as they got to know each other a little better.

Thank you to all who attended and we look forward to next year’s event.

Four Districts Met in Tampa

The Southeastern District met for the IAOM Southeastern, Niagara, Ohio Valley, and Wolverine Joint District Fall Meeting, September 27-29. This year’s event was held at the Westshore Grand in Tampa, FL. It began with a golf outing on Wednesday, September 27 followed by a welcome reception at the hotel. The technical sessions were held on Thursday, September 28. That evening, attendees participated in a dinner cruise around the Tampa Bay. The meeting ended Friday, September 29, with a tour of the new Ardent Mills Facility in Port Redwing, FL.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

IAOM Update
Jennifer Harnish, PHM Brands, IAOM Treasurer

Metal Detection for the Milling Industry
Carlos Camorro, Bunting-Newton

IMAS North American Update
Diwaker Mokadam, IMAS North America

American Fabric Filter Update
Timothy Robinson, American Fabric Filter

Modern Food Safety Pest Management System
Jeff Waggoner, FSS Inc

Bratney Update
Dillon Phillips, Bratney Companies 

EBM Manufacturing Update
Scott Sanne, EBM Manufacturing  

Kice Industries Update
Kurt Meyers, Kice Industries

Rail Safe Training Update
Andrew Johnstone, Rail Safe Training

Industrial Magnetics Update
Chris Stephens, Industrial Magnetics

Grip Fix Update
Clayton Beaver, Grip Fix

REPCO Update
Scott Jenson, REPCO

Great Western Update
Jeff Seeger, Great Western Manufacturing

Laidig Systems Update
Sean DeBroka, Laidig Systems

Blower Engineering Update
Tom Byrnes Jr., Blower Engineering

Flour Milling Applications of the Alveograph
Hikmet Boyacioglu, KPM Analytics

Brabender Update
Sal Laquez, Brabender