District Officers

Steve Mosier
Grain Craft

Chris Rodriguez
Grain Craft

Clint Inskeep
Vice Chairperson
Grain Craft

Steve Klett
Hood Packaging Corporation

Jason Freund
1st Exe. Committeeperson
Grain Craft

Matt Yang
2nd Exe. Committeeperson
Grain Craft

Nick Laxton
3rd Exe. Committeeperson
Grain Craft

Mark Zschoche
4th Exe. Committeeperson
Miller Milling

Western District meets in Spokane  

Around 60 milling professionals from areas west of the Rocky Mountains met at the annual fall meeting of the Western District in Spokane, Washington. This is the third time the group has met at the Historic Davenport Hotel.

The technical session included presentations on fluidizing bulk loadouts by Mike Richardson, CETEC Cereal Technologies. Dillon Phillips, Bratney, presented on the Omas wheat scrubbing. Art Bettge from the Washington Wheat Commission provided valuable insight into replacements for ash and mill stream. Leonard Mongiello, IFC, reviewed bird control options. Jeff Seeger, Great Western Mfg., encouraged millers to think outside the sifter box. Robert Juarez, Miller Milling shared his strategy for a fumigation-free facility.

Dave Link, Kice Industries, talked about airlock use and maintenance. Alex Luce, Ecolab, says don’t hesitate, fumigate. Sam Byrnes, Blower Engineering, provided an overview of blowers.

Raj Hulasare, Sunbelt Rentals, provided an overview of heat treatment for stored-product insects. Dave Krishock, Grain Craft, shared insights of a baker. Bühler’s Cory Lare talked about integrated grinding systems. Robert Wong, Agri-Nero, joined via Zoom to share information about reducing pathogens in flour.

Networking continued on Thursday evening at the annual reception and banquet. The installation of a newly elected slate of officers was a highlight of the evening.

A couple dozen people played a scramble with prizes awarded to the top teams and hole-prize winners.

The meeting featured technical and What’s New presentations on July 23.

IAOM International Update
Randy Gavert, IAOM Vice President

Insights of a Baker
Dave Krishock, Grain Craft

Heat Treatment of Stored-Product Insects
Raj Hulasare, Sun Belt Rentals

Fumigation Free Facility
Robert Juarez, Miller Milling

Think Outside the Sifter Box
Jeff Seeger, Great Western

Airlock Use & Maintenance
Dave Link, Kice Industries

Reducing Pathogens in Flour
Rob Wong, Agri-Nero

Replacement for Ash & Mill Stream
Art Bettge, Washington Grain Commission

Integrated Grinding System
Cory Lare, Buhler

Sam Byrnes, Blower Engineering

Bird Control
Leonard Mongiello, IFC

Don’t Hesitate, Fumigate
Alex Luce, Ecolab

Omas Wheat Scrubbing
Dillon Phillips, Bratney

Bulk Loadout: Fluidizing
Michael Richardson, CETEC Cereal Technologies