District Officers

Steve Mosier
Grain Craft

Clint Inskeep
Grain Craft

Jason Freund
Vice Chairperson
Grain Craft

Steve Klett
Hood Packaging Corporation

Mark Zschoche
1st Exe. Committeeperson
Miller Milling

Jordan Foss
2nd Exe. Committeeperson
Grain Millers

Western District Members Gathered in Big Sky, Montana!

The Western District gathered to network, collaborate and learn at the Big Sky Resort in Big Sky, Montana. Attendees enjoyed convening in the mountains of Montana.

IAOM Update Fran Churchill, IAOM Vice President, Kansas State University
Harvest Outlook & Market Kent Kupfner, Montana Wheat & Barley Commission
What’s Happening at Great Western Jeff Seeger, Great Western
Alveograph Dr. Hikmet Boyacioglu, Chopin Technology/KPM Analytics
Metal Detection Matt Wayne, Bunting Magnetics
Whole Wheat Milling Stephan Schurmans, Sangati
Food Safety Culture Rueben McLean, Grain Craft
BoMill Insight Dillon Phillips, Bratney
Fumigation Update Alex Luce, Ecolab
Inactivation of Foodborne Pathogens Scott Jensen, REPCO
Quality & Process Improvements Vitaly Kirkpatrick, Foss
Stone Mills Mads Anderson, Engsko

Ardent Milling – San Bernadino
Ardent Mills – Stockton
Bay State Milling – Tolleson
Blower Engineering
Buhler Inc.
Bunting Magnetics
Douglas Products
Food Express, Inc.
Foss North America
Grain Craft – Billings
Grain Craft – Blackfoot
Grain Craft – Great Falls
Grain Craft – Ogden
Grain Craft – Portland
Great Western Mfg.
Grip Fix America
Hood Packaging
Industrial Fumigant
Industrial Magnetics
Kice Industries
Miller Milling – Fresno
Scherer, Inc

We look forward to seeing you in Tahoe, Nevada in 2024!