IAOM First Break: Stories from the Roll Floor with Fran Churchill

Upon completing her milling science degree at Kansas State University in the 1980s, Fran Churchill was one of a handful of female graduates to enter the milling industry. She talks with Host Simon Tiedge about some of her experiences as a woman in the male-dominated field of milling, as well as her career journey that allowed her to live and work across the United States before returning to her alma mater to teach. And, even though she grew up on a farm that grew wheat and lived in a town with a flour mill, she said that she never made the connection between the wheat they grew to the flour they bought. So, she’s not surprised that the milling industry is such a well-kept secret.

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IAOM First Break: Stories from the Roll Floor with Cultura

Mike Terning, director of product and host of Outstanding in the Field podcast, and Mark Hisken, CINCH platform and development manager, Cultura Technologies, join the podcast to talk about how IoT and automation can help milling companies be more efficient. The software platform builds out all of the functionality specific to agriculture industries that isn’t available in standard accounting software. The trio discuss how much progress and growth has appeared in the past five years, and take a look at where automation and technology might be headed.

IAOM First Break: Stories from the Roll Floor with Troy Anderson

Troy Anderson, vice president of operations at Ardent Mills, shares his thoughts about the miller of the future, the impact of the global pandemic on the industry, training strategies, and how to increase diversity and inclusion in the industry. He says we need to collectively come together to promote and bring greater visibility to careers in grain milling. We have a great story to tell and we are getting better at telling it, but there is still work to be done.

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IAOM First Break: Stories from the Roll Floor with Stefan Lutz

Imagine teaching milling to a group with a variety of backgrounds and experience levels. Now, add in several native languages and different processes used to grind the same grains across Africa. These are some of the daily challenges that Stefan Lutz encounters as director of the African Milling School in Nairboi, Kenya. From apprenticeship programs and head miller training to baking and brewing courses, the AMS has helped to elevate the knowledge and skills of millers across Africa. Learn more from the conversation between Lutz and IAOM First Break Host Simon Tiedge.

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