Cody Blodgett in a flour mill, resting against a rollstand

IAOM First Break: Stories from the Roll Floor with Cody Blodgett

Host Simon Tiedge talks with Cody Blodgett in the first of a series of conversations with soon-to-be graduates of the Kansas State University milling science program. Cody, who is scheduled to graduate in May, says that the three internships he completed during his four years at K-State complemented the in-class and in-lab instruction he received throughout his studies. He says the hands-on components of the internships were very beneficial and really helped him to get a better understanding of what his post-graduate lifestyle might be like. Cody also talked about some of the challenges that were brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic for students over the past 13 months. We look forward to catching up with Cody in several months to see how the reality of working in a mill compares to his understanding of it during his last days as a K-State student.

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