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Breakout boxes are a popular addition to classroom curriculum and have been a mainstay of K-12 Education for the last several years. Modeled after the escape rooms that we see popping up in cities around the country, breakout boxes offer students the chance to solve a puzzle or other clue using information from a lesson. Because the are fun, breakout boxes are a useful way to get students to engage with curriculum that is developed around a theme like agriculture or manufacturing. These activities can be used by teacher, with or without outside visitors, and even work well for extra-curricular activities like academic clubs or pre-collegiate career sessions.

Milling 101

Today, on “How its Milled”: Bread, bagels, crackers and more. What initial ingredients are needed to make these final products? What careers are available? How much do you really know about the milling industry? For the next 40 minutes, enjoy testing your knowledge and expanding your horizons related to this industry.