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A Look Back at 2017

Thank you for another unbelievable year. We appreciate your support and the passion you have for helping to strengthen the grain milling industry through educational programs, professional development efforts and research projects. Here’s to another great year!


At IIMEF logoMEF, the community isn’t separate from the organization, the community is the organization. So this report summarizes our collective achievements last year.

In 2017, we funded several scholarships for milling science professionals and Kansas State University students, and committed funding for the development of industry recruitment materials and efforts.

More initiatives are on the way in 2018, including the creation of a travel grant program to offset costs associated with securing the best speakers for the annual IAOM Conference & Expo.

On behalf of the milling industry professionals around the world, we want to say thank y

Jeff Hole, IMEF President

ou for being part of this journey.

Jeff Hole
2017-18 IMEF President